Welcome to Bayou Mama Bears!

We are a team of passionate Louisiana Mamas.

We created this group to serve as an advocate for you and your children.

We will use our voice across the state in an attempt to bring normalcy back to the children.

We stand firm against baseless mandates and fear the children's future is at stake.

We will continue to work hard to protect and strengthen parental rights and will provide resources, guidance, and updates along the way.

We hope you link arms with us in order to safeguard the youth.

Mama Bears, unite!

We are seeking to preserve the innocence of our children by standing firm against mandates.



A mama with boundaries.


A woman who parents her child the best way she can & never apologizes for her choices.

A woman with confidence & protective instincts to stand tall for her children.

A Mama Bear is a woman who asserts herself & knows how to say, "NO."

Brown Bear Mother and Cubs